Theology Thursday: Developing a Biblical and Practical Theology of Worship

One of the most thrown around words in the church community is ‘worship.’ While many hold a strong opinion on worship, many fail to grasp that worship entails far more the songs we sing on Sunday morning. The church today too quickly limits the definition of worship not only to our weekly corporate gatherings, but even more specifically to the style of music that we are singing. It is important to realize that worship cannot be limited to a specific definition because nowhere in the Bible is the word strictly defined. As God’s redemptive plan unfolds, the way in which people worship transforms.

Worship is About God

We should not be questioning what appropriate worship music sounds like, but how to think about worship holistically: what is worship, how do we worship, and what makes our worship glorifying to God? We must understand that worship is not about us. Throughout salvation history, God provides the means in which humanity may interact with Him. God always establishes the means of worship, and God should be the object of our worship at all times. Too often the church loses sight of the centrality of God in worship and the discussion turns to matters of personal stylistic preference.

What to Expect in this Series

The objective of this series is to begin to cultivate a practical theology of biblical worship. Before we can contextualize what biblically faithful worship entails, we must shift our focus to the biblical foundation of worship. Future posts will follow the course of worship throughout the Bible, focusing on how God establishes it in the biblical narrative- from worship at its purist in the garden of Eden, through its tainting at the fall, and to our return to pure worship in eternity. Once the theme of worship is examined from the biblical context, we will then begin to take a practical approach in contextualizing a practical theology when we begin to think about worship in our church settings.

Check back in next Thursday, where we’ll look at the unfolding of the theme of worship in the Old Testament.

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