Learning to See

At this year’s Global Leadership Summit, Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Disney Animation said something that really resonated with me, and I think to some extent it shares the heart behind how I think about worship.

When asked about the purpose behind art, Catmull responded:

‘Art isn’t about drawing- it’s about learning to see.’

That’s how I like to think about worship- it’s not just about singing, it’s not just about hearing a sermon. It’s about learning to see.

It’s about learning to the see the world through the eyes of God. It’s about learning to see God as the creator of all things. It’s about learning to see ourselves as his creation. Learning to see our imperfections, our failures, and our sin- and seeing a God who loves us and forgives through the sacrifice of Christ.

Music has always been outlet for me to express myself, but especially as a high school student- I found that a lot of my understanding of who God is, was learned through the lyrics of a hymn or worship song.

For me, that reality makes every moment that we gather together critical- the words that we sing teach. The scripture, the sermon, the prayers- all are formative and help to shape the way in which we see.

It’s my hope and prayer that week in and week out our worship services will remind us that we as humanity have a great need- and that need is met in Christ Jesus.

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